What Will US Business Consulting Sales Look Like in 2025

Scott Cundill from hosts an Panel Discussion with Theresa French from SellMark360 and other US Business Consultants.
Theresa has not lost sight of her first sales call, for the record, it didn’t go well. But that was enough to drive her fiercely into learning how to be better. She knew, if she could learn to sell and sell well, she’d win more conversations and win more contracts. And now her greatest desire is to show you how she's done it. In one of her most recent roles as a sales person and sales manager, Theresa's sales efforts doubled the revenue of her client's high-ticket online business and helped them realize their first $1.3M year. Since the start of 2019, her coaching clients have cumulatively generate over $475,000 in new business.

Theresa J French Presents…

Sales-Science For Business Consultants

We are the only company in the world that equips Business Consultants with everything they need in one comprehensive solution:

•  Sales leads to close new deals
•  Analytics to identify where and why they are going wrong
•  A mentor to fix each problem using a proven sales training methodology

We’ll make sure you sell more often at a higher value.

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